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What causes paraphilia?

There is very little certainty about what causes a paraphilia. Psychoanalysts generally theorize that these conditions represent a regression to or a fixation. behaviorists suggest, instead, that the paraphilia begins via a process of conditioning. Full Answer

What is a neck vein fetish?

A vampirism paraphilia. A true vampire paraphilia should be distinguished from a goth or emo fashion culture. In true vampirism the person is attracted to the blood vessels of their "victim" and/or the actual drinking of their blood. True vampirism… Full Answer

How is paraphilia diagnosed?

paraphiliacs apparently rarely seek treatment unless they are induced into it by.discovery. diagnosis before a confrontation very difficult. mild paraphilia is markedly distressed by the recurrent paraphiliac urges but has never acted on them. Full Answer

What is hardsports?

an absorbing interest in feces or filth, particularly a paraphilia in which sexual arousal or activity is linked to feces Full Answer

Are paraphilias considered problematic?

I once read a book by James Benoit, Sex Murder and Paraphilia, that stated, "To guarantee the survival of the human species, nature made the act of procreation the most enticing of all proclivities. Associating sex with any other act… Full Answer

What is autoassassinophilia?

Autoassassinophilia is the paraphilia where a person becomes sexually aroused by fantasizing their own death in the hands of another. Quoted from Wikipedia. Full Answer

How common is vorarephilia?

It's somewhat uncommon. There are possibly several thousand with this paraphilia, not counting those who are unaware of being in such a named group. Full Answer

Is vore normal?

Vorarephilia is a severe, violent sadomasochistic paraphilia that is potentially extremely dangerous. It can cause the sufferer to act on lethally violent urges, in it's more severe forms. Full Answer

Is paraphilia a sexuality?

Well, it depends on the circumstances. Paraphilia is a medical term meaning a sexual attraction to presumably non-sexual entities. A shoe fetish would be one example; sexual interest in prepubescent children would be another. By "sexuality," I take it you… Full Answer

How do you develop fetishes?

paraphilia are not "developed" it's just something different that you like regarding sex. for exampley some people are sexually aroused by one thing and others by another thing. it's something that comes naturaly Full Answer

What is agalmatophilia?

Agalmatophilia is the paraphilia that is concerned with the sexual desire for a doll or other such representative object. It can include actual dolls, childrens dolls, figurines, statues and blow-up type sex-dolls. Agalmatophiliacs may fantasise about such objects or may… Full Answer

What is erotic food play?

Erotic food play is a paraphilia that is concerned with the sexual gratification derived from using food as a sexual or erotic play item. This can include items such as whipped cream spread on the genitals or body of oneself… Full Answer

What is odaxelagnia?

from wikipedia: Odaxelagnia is the paraphilia involving the sexual attraction to biting or being bitten. from my own overflowing filing cabinet full of somewhat useless knowledge that resides inanimate & metaphorical in my head: the poet algernon Charles swinburne, friend… Full Answer

What is an equine fetish called?

"Equinophilia" or "Hippophilia" is my guess but remember that there are no distinct answers for some questions. Loving horses as a paraphilia, means a wide range of things from adoring images while masturbating to having a fetish for sex with… Full Answer

What is maiesiophilia?

Maiesiophilia (May-see-oh-phee-lee-a) is a sexual fetish (paraphilia) that consists of a person who is sexually aroused by a woman's pregnancy, or by pregnant women. There exists a great deal of pornographic and devotee material on the Internet and on video… Full Answer

What is a paraphilia?

Sex Murder and Paraphilia "To guarantee the survival of the human species, nature made the act of procreation the most enticing of allproclivities. Associatingsexwith any other act, habit orritual, will develop intoan incurable aberration-A paraphilia.The association of sex with violence… Full Answer

Why people like to lick male feet?

Licking Feet is an Fetish (aka paraphilia) which can happen to anyone. Generally, an Fetish can happen to any Gender (lesbian foot licker, gay foot licker, bi-sexual Foot licker etc.). To lick Male feet also is Bi-Sexual Foot fetish or… Full Answer

Why girls kick boys balls?

If they do, you must have given them a pretty good reason to. Just saying and because that's the easiest point to weaken a man physically. Most people could never do that to a guy without enough reason to. A… Full Answer