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What is Lyle Mays doing as of late?

He hasn't been doing much of anything. Pat tried getting him to write with him for a new Pat Metheny Group recording... but Lyle didn't want to. Sucks. So Pat jumped into this Unity Group thing.... making it sound like… Full Answer

Is Lyle Mays making new music?

No, not of late. He feels he's already done what is inside of him. Many feel this is such a waste of talent. Metheny wanted to create new music with him with another PMG recording, announcing he was writing already… Full Answer

Is pat metheny gay?

Don't think so... there are nice ladies featured in a few of his videos that apparantley are / were romance interests. Still, he's away touring with different men for 300 days a year usually, so let's just leave it as… Full Answer

Who is a famous jazz guitarists?

Look here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- In case you need the opinion of a long time listener, these jazz guitarists: George Benson, Larry Carlton, Charlie Byrd, Wes Montgomery and Pat Metheny will give you a taste of the different styles of jazz… Full Answer