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How is patagonia outerwear manufactured?

Patagonia Outerwear is made with the same process as any other clothing would be--in a factory, with several workers assigned to work on different steps. However, Patagonia's clothing is made from recycled materials and is, itself, recyclable. Full Answer

How much does a Patagonia r1 cost?

There are several clothing classified as R1. For example, the US Patagonia website says an R1 men's pullover is $129, while an R1 men's hoody is $159. There are several other apparel designated as R1. You could see the costs… Full Answer

What kind of clothing is patagonia outerwear?

Patagonia Outerwear is a company that makes environmentally friendly outdoor clothing, including jackets, fleeces, pants, and vests for men, women, and children. They use organic cotton and wool in their products and work hard to minimize their carbon footprint. Their… Full Answer