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What is PC system case?

The PC system case is is the metal shell that surrounds the individual PC components. It is also often called a "computer case", "computer tower", or some people call it the "CPU". However CPU is, by definition, only one component… Full Answer

What does a computer case contain?

A computer case is used for storing your PC when it is being moved. It normally contains a soft inside to prevent scratches or damages to your PC while moving.

Does flayakiteosx brake your PC?

if its that mac thing then its the best thing your computer will experience JUST PLEASE LET YOUR PC MAKE A SYSTEM RESTORE POINT just in case unless its a crap PC as long as it has 512 mb ram… Full Answer

In what case is a PC remote used?

You can use a PC remote to view photos, watch movies and listen to music from your computer. It acts as a wireless mouse, but can control your computer's media software.

Can Sims 3 run on Mac?

Look in the bottom left of the Sims 3 case. Does it say - PC MAC. If it does, it'll run on a PC & a Mac. Same for all the expansion packs!

How do you troubleshoot smps of PC?

There are various ways to troubleshoot smps of PC. SMPS stands for switching mode power supply. You can start by trying if it works elsewhere and if this the case, then it means that your motherboard is faulty.