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What is the antonym of thorough?

The word that is the exact opposite of "thorough" is "perfunctory". Dictionaries define "perfunctory" as, done routinely and with little interest or care: performed merely as a routine duty; hasty and superficial: lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm. Full Answer

What is the opposite of mechanical?

The opposite of mechanical (by machine) could be biological or natural. The opposite of mechanical (perfunctory, without thought) could be conscious, considered, or thoughtful. Where mechanical has the connotation automatic, the opposite would be manual. Full Answer

Is cursory a synonym of avid?

No. The word cursory means brief, hasty, or perfunctory, as in a cursory inspection. The word avid means enthusiastic, zealous, or highly interested. The two words are not exactly antonyms either, although cursory can suggest indifference or disinterest, the opposite… Full Answer

What does careless mean?

The word careless means not observing proper caution or diligence. Synonyms for careless (doesn't care) include apathetic, lax, lackadaisical, heedless, indifferent, or irresponsible. Synonyms for careless (not paying attention) include haphazard, sloppy, thoughtless, negligent, nonchalant, or perfunctory. Full Answer

What is a synonym for sumary?

Definition:concise, to the pointSynonyms:arbitrary, boiled down, breviloquent, brief,compact, compacted, compendiary,compendious, condensed, cursory, curt, hasty, ina nutshell, laconic, perfunctory, pithy*,recapped, rehashed, run-down, run-through,short, short and sweet, succinct, terse Full Answer

What is the remedy for honor killing?

As this is asking for an opinion, you may receive multiple answers. Answer 1 Honor killing is not permitted in Islam. The remedy for honor killing is to educate people and to tell them that it is sinful activity punishable… Full Answer

How did synagogues form?

Currently Any Jewish community can decide to form a congregation. It's mainly a practical matter of having funds and a location for a synagogue. Initially In the early stages of the Roman Diaspora, Jews began to congregate in communal centers… Full Answer

Why did censorship change in Fahrenheit 451?

In his explication of the history of book burning, Beatty equates deep thought with sadness, which he rejects as categorically evil. The immediacy of pleasure in this bookless society eliminates thought and, with it, the ability to express sadness, which… Full Answer

How to start an essay?

Remember, the point of your starting sentence (grabber) is to "grab" the reader's attention. Make the reader want to read on. start by referring to the title. introduce the object/person you are talking about. be creative with it. start with… Full Answer