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What has the author S Bartsch-Winkler written?

S Bartsch-Winkler has written: 'Physiography, texture, and bedforms during June-July, 1981 in Turnagain Arm estuary, upper Cook Inlet, Alaska' -- subject(s): Marine sediments, Sedimentary structures, Ripple-marks 'Availability of petrographic thin-sections from measured sections and wells in early-to-late-Cretaceous Nanushuk Group rocks… Full Answer

What is the medical term meaning record or chart?

There are numerous medical terms that mean "record or a photo" usually with the word part -graph- in them. The following list contains some medical term examples: agraphesthesia, agraphia, allograph, anapnograph, anepigraphous, autograph, cablegram, cacographer, calcography, calligraphy, cartography, carve, cerography… Full Answer

What words end with the suffix graphy?

9-letter words biography, epigraphy, geography, orography 10-letter words autography, cacography, demography, holography, ideography, kymography, nomography, renography, serigraphy, sonography, telegraphy, tomography, topography, typography, venography, xerography, xylography 11-letter words angiography, aortography, calligraphy, cartography, chirography, chorography, cosmography, discography, ethnography, filmography, flexography, hagiography, hydrography… Full Answer

What are 11 letter words that start with p?

pacemakings, pacesetters, pacesetting, pachysandra, pacifically, pacificator, pacificisms, pacificists, packability, packsaddles, packthreads, paddleballs, paddleboard, paddleboats, paediatrics, pageantries, paginations, painfullest, painfulness, painkillers, painkilling, painstaking, palatalized, palatalizes, palatinates, paleobotany, paleography, palimpsests, palindromes, palindromic, pallbearers, palletising, palletizers, palletizing, palliations, palliatives, palmerworms, palmistries, palpability, palpitating… Full Answer

What is a word that has eleven letters with the letter o as the fifth letter?

achromatism, achromatize, acidophiles, acidophilic, acknowledge, adenomatous, adiposities, aeciospores, aepyornises, aetiologies, agamospermy, agglomerate, alcyonarian, amazonstone, ambrosially, ameloblasts, amenorrheas, amenorrheic, aminopterin, aminopyrine, amorousness, amyloidoses, amyloidosis, amylopectin, amyloplasts, anacoluthic, anacoluthon, analogizing, analogously, anatomising, anatomizing, anchoresses, anchorwoman, anchorwomen, anchovettas, androgynies, androgynous, anemographs, anemometers, angiography… Full Answer