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How Much smoke would a 40000 cubic ft smoke grenade give out like how big of a smoke screen would that give And would the fire department show up if i set that off in my backyard?

ok first of all...terrorists.... calculate you take 40,000 x .135 then the dispersal area (the area which it was released in) third of let that go off and bam...the next thing you know your prison next to… Full Answer

Who owns us bank?

This information is from AOL-Money & Finance. Not quite a bank for the entire US, U.S. Bancorp has approximately 2,800 locations and 5,000 branded ATMs in two dozen midwestern and western states. The bank holding company, one of the 10… Full Answer

What is the most popular game in Peru?

Soccer is the most popular sport in Peru. Futbol in Peru is governed by the Peruvian Futbol Federation (PFF), which the PFF organises the men's, women's, and Futsal national teams. Futbol legends from Peru include: Alejandro Villanueva, Teodoro Fernández, Valeriano… Full Answer