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How do you have safe sex under water?

You or your partner can get pregnant if you have sex under water even if you use a condom. The only sure way to not get any diseases or get you or someone pregnant is abstinence. pfff Full Answer

Is scoffed an onomatopoeia?

No, scoff is not an onomatopoeia. A word must sound like the action or thing it describes to be an onomatopoeia, E.G gurgle, boom, pow, sizzle. So an onomotopia for scoff might be: Pfff. Full Answer

How do most 13 year old feel?

Usually like they are looked on by adults/older people like incompetent children, when in fact, they are really quite intelligent. They have mood swings (yes, even boys though they don't admit it) and are fun with there friends! It is… Full Answer

How can goals help people?

Think about it, how would your life be if you knew you weren't going to live tomorrow? Most people would say that it is depressing. You would feel no need to do anything because you would know that, by tomorrow… Full Answer

What is 'Manga'?

emoplushbears answer: Manga originated in Japan as a graphic novel form of pornographic content for men, eventually it became so popular that they started creating more child and women appropriate manga. (of course some have not changed) Manga is the… Full Answer