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Who makes bass pro shop reels?

Pflueger does! Awesome reels, I own personally own 8 J. Morris Bass Pro Shop Reels. I used to be a huge Quantum guy, I had 2 smoke bait casters and a couple of high dollar Quantum casters, well I gave… Full Answer

What rhymes with just cooler?

buehler, buhler, cuellar, hewler, muehler, mueller, pooler, ruler, schooler, schueler, schueller, schuler, schuller, shular, shuler, spuhler, stuhler, suhler, uhler, uhlir bloomer, blooper, bluer, blumer, booher, boomer, booster, boozer, breuer, brewer, brewster, bruder, bruecher, bruegger, bruemmer, bruer, brumer, bruner, bubar, buder… Full Answer