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What are the function of the baceteriophage parts?

Enterobacteria phage T2, virulent bacteriophage of the T4-like viruses genus Enterobacteria phage T4, phage that infects E. coli bacteria Lambda phage, temperate bacteriophage that infects Escherichia coli M13 phage, filamentous bacteriophage composed of circular single stranded DNA P22 phage, virus… Full Answer

Steps in viral multiplication?

The bacteriophage blinds to the bacterium. The phage DNA enters the host cell. The host DNA is digested, new phage DNA forms, using nucleoleotides from former host DNA. The host cell transcribes and translates the phage DNA, producing phage proteins… Full Answer

What is SDS phage?

there is nothing like SDS phage but... 1. SDS is a well know detergent used to denature proteins before electrophoresis called SDSPAGE. 2. phage (bacteriophage) is a virus that infects the bacteria which contains eother DNA or RNA. SDS PAGE… Full Answer