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Who made an violin?

The violin was born in Italy during the 16th century. Andrea Amati (1511-1577), an Italian that lived during this time, was perhaps the inventor of the violin. Full Answer

What is an old viol?

The modern viol, or viola-alto is in fact an upsized violin, made to sound in the "alto" register. But it belongs to the family violin, a family of similar instruments of different sizes including violin, viola, cello and double-bass. But… Full Answer

Was classical music the first type of music?

No. Μonophonic and polyfonic styles of music -like gregorian hymns,organoum, discantous- were the first types of music(dating back to 7th-9th century). Soon the barok writers took over and eventually after the 17th-18th century classical music came up, followed by the… Full Answer