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Does biological science relate to pharmacology?

Yes. Most certainly. Pharmacology is the study of how drugs (pharmaceuticals) behave in a biological system. Namely the pharmacokinetics (effect of the biological system on the drug) and the pharmacodynamics (effect of the drug on the biological system) of a… Full Answer

Is chemistry harder than pharmacy?

In the sense of "hardness" that's meant by the terms "hard science" vs. "soft science", chemistry is definitely on the hard side of pharmacology (or any other biological science). If you're asking if it's a harder subject than pharmacology… Full Answer

How is gelsemium taken?

The dried root, harvested in autumn, is the usable portion of the plant. Gelsemium is currently unavailable in medicinal formulations due to the narrow safety margins and dangerous toxicity. Full Answer

What is reverse pharmacology?

Definition: Reverse pharmacology is the science of integrating documented clinical/experiential hits, into leads by transdisciplinary exploratory studies and further developing these into drug candidates by experimental and clinical research. Scope: The scope of reverse pharmacology is to understand the mechanisms… Full Answer