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Is a Phidippus audax poisonous?

Actually phidipus audax is a fairly non- poisonous spider that is only aggresive if you harm it, and these are genuinly beautiful spiders and should be left un-harmed, as, they kill cockraoches and other pets like flys and wasps and… Full Answer

Is a Bold Jumping Spider a rare spider?

*Phidippus audax* is a common spider in the United States. and is among the larger American jumping spiders. Its body length is about 0.5 inch. The largest jumping spider, *Hyllus diardi*, is about 1 inch long, but they are not… Full Answer

Orange and black spider?

There are a number of jumping spiders that are orange and black such as phidippus whitmani, phidippus cardinalis, and phidippus pulcherrimus. Others that are orange and black are castianeira amoena and misumenoides formosipes. Full Answer