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Who is the richest royal family as of 2011?

Arabic monarchs aside ( are you Shah?= Sultanly!_) I would guess Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands- with the Philips Group in her back pocket- as it were. this includes Transportation: KLM, Holland-America Line, Electronics- the Philips Line proper- always ahead… Full Answer

Is Philips a good brand?

yes Philips is really a good brand in the field of electronics. they manifacture cfl electronic radios, cassette player and music system . they are also providing good quality and effective coast(economical). so i will you recommened you for Philips. Full Answer

What does MRQ mean on a Philips radio?

Philips is a Dutch electronics company, one of the oldest, and long-time Tube advocate. The Philips 5000 Code and broadcast transmitters are in a class by themselves. They are so big in Europe and in commercial use- it would violate… Full Answer