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When was space discovered?

In the seventeenth century, the philosophy of space and time emerged as a central issue in epistemology and metaphysics. At its heart, Gottfried Leibniz, the German philosopher-mathematician, and Isaac Newton, the English physicist-mathematician, set out two opposing theories of what… Full Answer

What is a metaphysicist?

A metaphysicist is someone creates or develops theories based on metaphysics. Metaphysics is a bransh of philosophy that explains the world, i.e., existence, space, time, cause and effect, objects and their properties, etc. Metaphysicists concentrate more on philosophy, and less… Full Answer

What is the space time continum?

In Physics , space and time are combined to become a "Space Continuum". This mathematical concept is known as รข??space-time" and has space representing the first three dimensions and time the fourth. By combining space and time into a "Minowski… Full Answer