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Astrocytoma is a cancer of what body part?

Astrocytoma is a cancer of the brain. Astrocytoma can occur in any person, regardless of age. Low grade astrocytoma is typically found in children and young adults, whereas high grade astrocytoma is typically found in adults. Full Answer

Are astrocytoma benign or malignant?

There is no any specific demarcation to say whether it is benign or malignant. We have WHO grading system which tells us that only cellular features of malignancy are present. But there is no metastasis so i would say that… Full Answer

What are some words with the prefix astro?

astronaut, astrology, astronomy, astrological, astronomical, astronautalis, astro boy :] 9-letter words astrocyte, astrodome, astrolabe, astrology, astronaut, astronomy 10-letter words astrocytes, astrocytic, astrodomes, astrolabes, astrologer, astrometry, astronauts, astronomer, astronomic 11-letter words astrocytoma, astrologers, astrologies, astrometric, astronautic, astronomers, astronomies 12-letter words astrobiology… Full Answer

Which disease has no cure?

There are several diseases with no known cure. These diseases have no known cures: Acute lymphocytic leukemia Acute myeloid leukemia acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), see also HIV Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) Alzheimer's disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease) Aspartylglucosaminuria… Full Answer

What are words that begin with the letter a and are eleven letters long?

abandonment, abbreviated, abbreviates, abbreviator, abdications, abdominally, abecedarian, aberrancies, aberrations, abhorrences, abhorrently, abiogeneses, abiogenesis, abiogenists, abiological, abiotically, abjurations, ablutionary, abnegations, abnormality, abolishable, abolishment, abominating, abomination, abominators, aboriginals, abortionist, aboveground, abracadabra, abreactions, abridgement, abridgments, abrogations, abscissions, absenteeism, absolutions, absolutisms, absolutists, absolutized, absolutizes… Full Answer

11 letter word starting with an A?

abandonment abbreviated abbreviates abbreviator abdications abdominally abecedarian aberrancies aberrations abhorrences abhorrently abiogeneses abiogenesis abiogenists abiological abiotically abjurations ablutionary abnegations abnormality abolishable abolishment abominating abomination abominators aboriginals abortionist aboveground abracadabra abreactions abridgement abridgments abrogations abscissions absenteeism absolutions absolutisms absolutists absolutized absolutizes… Full Answer

What is a word that has eleven letters with the letter o as the fifth letter?

achromatism, achromatize, acidophiles, acidophilic, acknowledge, adenomatous, adiposities, aeciospores, aepyornises, aetiologies, agamospermy, agglomerate, alcyonarian, amazonstone, ambrosially, ameloblasts, amenorrheas, amenorrheic, aminopterin, aminopyrine, amorousness, amyloidoses, amyloidosis, amylopectin, amyloplasts, anacoluthic, anacoluthon, analogizing, analogously, anatomising, anatomizing, anchoresses, anchorwoman, anchorwomen, anchovettas, androgynies, androgynous, anemographs, anemometers, angiography… Full Answer