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Why does the weeping willow supposedly weep?

What had happened was, back in the 1860s there were a family of talking Weeping Willows. They've had their own community and stuff. A few years possibly hundreds of years later Man found the Weeping Willow community and chopped them… Full Answer

Will ants harm a weeping willow?

No, if anything the Weeping Willow would harm the Ants by the around of Aspirin they produce. But, the answer is no. The Weeping Willow will keep the Ants away on its own. If they still find a way to… Full Answer

Is weeping a noun?

The word 'weeping' is a gerund, the present participle (the -ing form of the verb) which functions as a noun. Examples: Weeping will not help solve the problem. (subject of the sentence) The child's eyes were red from weeping. (object… Full Answer