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How do you beat bass?

First create a vocal bass line, and then add hyper-articulated voiced alveolar plosive and aspiration on beats 1 and 3 (in 4/4 time) /dm/ as well as adding a snare drum of a plosive voiceless velar /k/ or plosive voiceless… Full Answer

What do plosive sounds show?

I usually say that plosives show disgust (as in the context they often do) - I back this up with saying that when the plosive is said, it imitates a spitting action, as if the person is spitting in disgust… Full Answer

Does an owl say toot whoo?

Owls make noises, they don't "say" anything.That said, "toot whoo" seems to have an extra plosive in there (specifically, the second T) that I personally haven't heard in an owl call. Full Answer