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What does pluripotent mean?

Pluripotent - adjective - Term which describes the ability of a progenitor cell to differentiate into a finite number of other cell types. For example, hematopoietic stem cells can differentiate into any of the red or white blood cell types… Full Answer

Why some cells don't have a nucleus?

There can be differing reason why a cell might not have a nucleus depending on the type of the cell. Certain eukaryotic cells such as red blood cells are made from a pluripotency in the red bone marrow, and are… Full Answer

What are some science words that start with p?

P elementP1P1-derived artificial chromosomeP1-derived artificial chromosome (PAC)P53PACpachynemaPaleontologypalindromePalindromic sequencepAMPPan balancePanel testingpanmicticpapillapapillateparacentric inversionparalogous genesparamecinparametersparapatric speciationParasegment borderparasexual cycleparasiteParasitismParasitologyparasympathetic nervous systemparatopeparent generationparental ditype (PD)parenteralparietal lobesparthenogenesispartial digestparticleparticulate inheritanceparts per billion (ppb)Parts per million (ppm)Pascal's trianglepassive diffusionpassive transportpaternallypath diagrampathogenpathogenesispathogenicpathogenicitypathologypathovarpatientpatroclinous inheritancepattern formationpBR 322pBR322PCRPCR ampliconspedigreepelagicpelletPelvic inflammatory disease (PID)penetrancepent-peptidepeptide… Full Answer