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What has the author Andrew Heywood written?

Andrew Heywood has written: 'Political ideologies : an introduction' -- subject(s): Ideology, Political science, Right and left (Political science) 'Political ideas and concepts' -- subject(s): Political science 'Political Ideologies 4th Ed' 'Politics' -- subject(s): Political science 'Political ideologies' -- subject(s)… Full Answer

Why is political science irrelevant?

In the first place, political science is not irrelevant.Political science is a science and art and a true social science. Political science is about "making decisions" in a first day of the morning you are already using political science,you make… Full Answer

Can political science be considered as a science?

Obviously there are people who consider political science to be a science, since it has the name political science, rather than, hypothetically, political guesswork, or political hallucinations. Political science does not have the same kind of precision as physics or… Full Answer