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What is the Lebanon biggest country?

Lebanon is actually one of the smaller Middle Eastern states. Within Lebanon, the largest governate (muhafaza) is Mount Lebanon (Jebel Lubnan) at 4,934 sq. km. or 1,905 sq mi and which has the majority of Lebanon's population (excluding Syrian Refugees… Full Answer

What are the challenges in Lebanon?

I really don't know buddy but i think that there challenges are in politics,economy and terrorism =) I hope I helped you but if you fail don't search for answers on the internet just go to a LIBRARY >:( Full Answer

What is the old name of Lebanon?

Phoenicia Historically, the name Lebanon was used to refer to the mountains that run along the central part of the country. However, this term did not come to define the coastal regions, like Tyre, Beirut, and Tripoli, until the 19th… Full Answer