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Why are hemoglobin red?

It is due its bound porphyrin moiety which imparts red color. This misconception should be cleared that it is not due to iron bound to porphyrin. [Note: porphyrin+iron ------> heme ,,,, heme+globin------> hemoglobin] Full Answer

Why himoglobin is red?

The red colour is caused by a chemical known as a porphyrin which actually contains the iron atom in haemoglobin. The name porphyrin comes from the Greek for purple. There are lots of different kinds of haemoglobin depending on which… Full Answer

Why do plants need magarine?

Plants need magnesium for making food !!!! Magnesium is the central atom in the porphyrin ring system in chlorophyll (the heme group in animals is also a porphyrin ring system, though there the central atom is iron). Full Answer

Does blood change color?

Slightly. Blood is always red (common misconception is that it is blue). But when blood binds to oxygen it gets slightly darker red. It is always red because of the porphyrin in the heme group. The heme group in hemoglobin… Full Answer

Why do plants need magnesium?

Magnesium is found in chlorophyll in the same way that iron is found in haemoglobin. Both types of pigment have a porphyrin ring associated with the protein. In haemoglobin, the porphyrin ring is chelating an Fe2+ ion, while in chlorophyll… Full Answer

Why does blood change color?

During menstruation, it is not just blood the exits the body, it consists of other tissue (epithelium) that lines the uterus. Blood is always red (common misconception is that it is blue). But when blood binds to oxygen it gets… Full Answer

What are haemin crystals?

hemoglobin imparts red colour to blood. it has a conjugated protein part which makes the globin. the non protein part - haem is haematin. the haematin is made of porphyrin which is made by chelation with iron. Full Answer

What does the liver do in osmoregulation?

Liver is specialized excretory organ in vertebrates. Red blood cells that have reached their normal life span (in humans ca. 100 days) are sequestered from circulation and broken down; the porphyrin of the hemoglobin molecule is transformed by the liver… Full Answer

What are the uses of heme?

Heme is a ferrous ion prosthetic group (Fe2+) present in metalloproteins or specifically Hemoproteins such as Hemoglobin, porphyrin. heme is also found in proteins such as myoglobin, catalase, cytochromes. In these proteins Heme either participates in the catalysis or act… Full Answer