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Are autistic people smart?

yes i am autistic and i am smart enough to post this. aspies are very smart or average. it really depends on how bad it is moderate or severe:lower IQ milder:smarter Full Answer

Do autistic people know that they are autistic?

An autistic person knowing that they are autistic depends on their level of comprehension. Some autistic people have limited comprehension and they may not be able to comprehend that they are autistic. Others may be able to understand that they… Full Answer

What is the duration of autism?

Autism is a difference in a persons neurology, they are born Autistic and continue to be Autistic as long as they live. The duration of autism is thus life-long, once born Autistic you are always Autistic. Full Answer

What has the author Marin Marinov written?

Marin Marinov has written: 'Internationalization of emerging economies and firms' -- subject(s): International business enterprises, Post-communism, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / International / Economics, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / International / General, Foreign Investments, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Development / Business Development Full Answer

Do autistic people have autistic children?

Yes, Autistic people will often have Autistic children - but we can also have neurotypical children. Autism is genetic so an Autistic parent or two Autistic parents may be more likely to have Autistic offspring. However we aren't sure of… Full Answer

How autism affects its victims?

Autistic people are not 'victims' of who they are, most Autistic people are happy and healthy with clear benefits from being autistic. Some Autistic people are not happy, in some cases Autism symptoms are so severe they cause physical pain… Full Answer

Can a nornal child turn into autistic child?

Firstly, it's offensive for you to imply that autistic people are abnormal - autistic people are different to neurotypical people, not less than. A person is born autistic, it is not something that happens to 'normal' people or something that… Full Answer

When did tony hawk get autism?

Autistic people don't 'get' autism, Autistic people are born Autistic just like people are born African-American or born male/female. Tony Hawk thus was born Autistic, he became Autistic while he was still developing in his mothers womb. Full Answer

Do all autistic people lack a sense of humor?

No, not all autistic people lack a sense of humour. There is a saying in the autism community: once you've met one autistic've met one autistic person. autistic people are as different and varied as neurotypical people. Full Answer