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Why is a potato a potato?

Because if it weren't a potato then it wouldn't be a potato would it? P'tatrz iz gid for ya soul, so lets now sing the potato song. The Potato Song as written by EASTWICKgames.And a one, two, three, four,Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato. Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato.Potato… Full Answer

What are potato eyes?

Potato eyes on a potato are just the roots of the potato growing out. They injdicate that a potato is old, and has not been freshly harvested. Potato eyes on a human just refer to swollen eyes - usually meanig… Full Answer