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What is another word for utility? is a great website which can tell you this. But otherwise.. here are some answers that may help you!:- account, advantage, advantageousness, aktiebolag, alternate, alternative, appliance, applicability,appropriateness, availability, backup, beneficialness, body corporate, business, business establishment, cartel,chamber of commerce, combine… Full Answer

Who invented the radio?

The inventor of the radio is widely disputed. So who gets the credit? Nikola Tesla? Guglielmo Marconi? Reginald Fessenden? Oliver Lodge? Amos Dolbear? Nathan Stubblefield? Or was it Mahlon Loomis? == == * Gugliegmo Marconi was an Italian inventor, and… Full Answer

What are some words end with the suffix -ity?

abnormality absorbability absorptivity absurdity acceptability accessibility acclivity accountability acerbity acidity acridity actability activity actuality acuity adaptability adaptivity additivity addressability adiposity adjustability admirability admissibility adoptability adorability adversity advisability aeroelasticity affability affectivity affinity affordability agility agreeability alacrity algidity alienability alkalinity allergenicity alterability… Full Answer