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Do all planets have artificial satellites?

Artificial literally means created by intending beings, so no, not all planets have artificial satellites, though such could and at some point quite likely will be accomplished or approximated throughout the Sol system, and indeed some remains of humanity's mechanized… Full Answer

What are 11 letter words that start with p?

pacemakings, pacesetters, pacesetting, pachysandra, pacifically, pacificator, pacificisms, pacificists, packability, packsaddles, packthreads, paddleballs, paddleboard, paddleboats, paediatrics, pageantries, paginations, painfullest, painfulness, painkillers, painkilling, painstaking, palatalized, palatalizes, palatinates, paleobotany, paleography, palimpsests, palindromes, palindromic, pallbearers, palletising, palletizers, palletizing, palliations, palliatives, palmerworms, palmistries, palpability, palpitating… Full Answer