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What does conjuring mean?

The word conjure means something like "to make something appear or happen by an unseen method" or thereabouts. The "unseen method" here is "magic" and conjuring is performing magic or effecting an illusion or doing prestidigitation or slight of hand… Full Answer

What are the spelling words in akeelah and the bee?

There were several worlds in Akeelah and the Bee. A fairly complete list is: brunneous, grovel, doubt, placid, fanciful, prestidigitation, ambidextrous, pterodactyl, pulchritude, sacciform, empennage, souchong, intussusception, staphylococci, dictatorial, truculent, supercilious, insolent, fuchsia, imbrication, rhesus, eminent, hypertrophic, concierge, polydactyly, syllogize… Full Answer

What are 16 letter words that start with p?

paedogenetically, paedomorphosises, paleobotanically, paleoclimatology, paleogeographies, paleographically, paleopathologies, paleopathologist, pancreatectomies, papillomaviruses, paradigmatically, paradoxicalities, paraformaldehyde, paramagnetically, parameterization, parametrizations, paraphrastically, paraprofessional, parapsychologies, parapsychologist, parasympathetics, pardonablenesses, parliamentarians, partridgeberries, passionatenesses, pathophysiologic, perceptibilities, perceptivenesses, percussivenesses, peremptorinesses, perfectibilities, perfectivenesses, perfidiousnesses, performabilities, periodontologies, periphrastically, permissibilities, permissivenesses, perniciousnesses, perpendicularity… Full Answer

What are words that start with pre?

preach preached preacher preachers preaches preachier preachiest preachified preachifies preachify preachifying preachily preachiness preachinesses preaching preachingly preachment preachments preachy preact preacted preacting preacts preadapt preadaptation preadaptations preadapted preadapting preadaptive preadapts preadmission preadmissions preadmit preadmits preadmitted preadmitting preadolescence preadolescences preadolescent preadolescents… Full Answer

What rhymes with commission?

Fruition, remission, condition, physician, erudition, musician, permission, admission, audition, position, submission, gone fishin'... abbreviation abdication abduction aberration abjection abjuration ablation ablution abnegation abolition abomination abortion abreaction abrogation abruption absolution absorption abstention abstraction acceleration accentuation acceptation acclamation acclimation acclimatization accommodation accreditation… Full Answer