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What has the author Hazel Taylor written?

Hazel Taylor has written: 'Characterisation of the primitive streak promoter of the murine Brachyury gene' 'Use of single sex career development in reducing the underrepresentation of women in school management'

What is the streak of corundum?

Corundum has a white streak (colour of crushed mineral powder) but you'll not be able to use the streak test on a streak plate as corundum is much harder (mohs hardness of 9) than the plate (6 1/2).

How notochord is formed?

The notochord is a cellular chord that develops by transformation of the notochordal process. The notochord will eventually become the nucleus pulposis of each intervertebral disk. formation of notochordal process : the primitive streak is formed from a linear band… Full Answer

What is basalts streak?

A streak is the line of color left behind when a rock is rubbed against a streak plate. The streak of basalt is black.