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Who are all the adventure time princesses?

Bee Princess Breakfast Princess Cotton Candy Princess Embryo Princess Emerald Princess Engagement Ring Princess Ghost Princess Hot Dog Princess Jungle Princess Lumpy Space Princess Muscle Princess Old Lady Princess Orange Princess Peanut Princess Phil Face Princess Princess Beautiful Princess Bubblegum… Full Answer

Is there a Disney character named kialala?

There was a Kilala Princess story written by Rika Tanaka. In this story Kilala wanted to be a Disney Princess and find true love. Kilala Princess was a manga series released between 2005-2008. It was a Japanese story, which lost… Full Answer

What is the best shoujo manga?

Personally, I feel that Mikiyo Tsuda's Shojo works are the best. Especially Princess Princess and Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku. Honestly, there is no 'best'. Some may have their own opinions on what is 'best', but there is no absolute best. Full Answer