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Kinds of rock music?

punk progressive rock sympthonic rock industrial grunge psychadelic rock rockabilly indie rock arena rock heavy metal ska alternative metal/ Nu Metal new wave/ art rock classic rock Full Answer

About rock art?

Rock art is an archeology term. Essentially, rock art is a term used to describe man-made markings placed on natural stone. Full Answer

What type of music does the band Marillion play?

Marillion is the name of an English band formed in 1979. Although generally categorized as being a progressive rock band, their style is one that changes over time. Other genres that can describe Marillion include neo-progressive, acoustic, experimental, art rock… Full Answer

Who is Eulogy by Tool about?

Contrary to popular belief, the song Eulogy by the Art Rock/Progressive Rock/Alternative Metal band Tool is NOT about Bill Hicks, but is actually about L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of scientology) and about people who act like martyrs. Full Answer

Where did prog rock originate from?

Prog Rock (Progressive Rock), a sub genre of Rock Music orginated in the United Kingdom, it then later flourished in Germany, Italy and France in the mid 1960's until the late 1970's. Prog Rock was developed from Psychedelic Rock. Full Answer