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What is HIV protease inhibitor?

Protease inhibitors (PIs) are a class of medications used to treat or prevent infection by viruses, including HIV and Hepatitis C. PIs prevent viral replication by inhibiting the activity of HIV-1 protease, an enzyme used by the viruses to cleave… Full Answer

What is pepstatin?

Pepstatin A is an inhibitor of acid proteases (aspartyl peptidases). It forms a 1:1 complex with proteases such as pepsin, renin, cathepsin D, bovine chymosin, and protease B (Aspergillus niger). The inhibitor is highly selective and does not inhibit thiol… Full Answer

What do protease inhibitors do?

A protease is an enzyme that cleaves a protein molecule. There are many such enzymes with specific functions to either activate protein precursor molecules (activase) or to deactivate proteins that have served their purpose (deactivase) and are no longer necessary… Full Answer