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What happened at 525BC?

Cambyses II, ruler of Persia, conquers Egypt, defeating Psammetichus III. This is considered the end of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty, and the start of the Persian Twenty-seventh Dynasty. Also,this is the time when coins started to have 2 sides. Full Answer

Who is the fourth Pharaoh of Egypt?

King Tut was the fourth pharaoh of Egypt. --- That is wrong it wasn't Tutankhamen. This question is impossible to answer unless you know which period is in question. there have been 33 dynastic periods and the earliest was a… Full Answer

Who was the most famous tyrants in ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece had many tryrants. Athens Pisistratus, Hipparchus & Hippias Theramenes, Critias, and Charicles Agrigentum (Acragas) Phalaris Theron Atarneus Hermias of Atarneus Argos Pheidon Byzantium Clearchus of Sparta Corinth Cypselus Periander, son of Cypselus Psammetichus Cyprus Nicocreon Ephesus Athenagoras Pindarus… Full Answer