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Define psychological testing?

Psychological testing is a series of different exams taken by a person to determine their mental state. There are different tests that can be taken depending on what kind of mental issue a doctor thinks that patient has. Full Answer

What is the difference between psycho educational testing and psychological testing?

Psycho-educational testing is a subset of psychological testing. Psychological testing may include assessment of intellectual functioning, achievement, learning disorders, personality, vocational aptitude and interest, and behaviors associated with neurological impairment. Usually, psycho-educational testing is an assessment that is focused on… Full Answer

What has the author Jessie Williams written?

Jessie Williams has written: 'Psychological investigation of handicapped children [by] Jessie Francis-Williams' -- subject(s): Children with disabilities, Psychological testing 'Rorschach with children' -- subject(s): Child psychology, Projective techniques for children, Psychological tests for children, Rorschach Test 'Psychology for student nurses'… Full Answer

What is the importance of psychological testing?

Psychological testing is important to many areas of the field of psychology. First of all psychological testing helps in placement decisions, treatment planning, diagnosing and so forth. So what is psychological testing? Psychological testing is comprised of tests such as… Full Answer