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What has the author Pierre Pichot written?

Pierre. Pichot has written: 'Les tests mentaux' -- subject(s): Psychological tests 'Psychological measurements in psychopharmacology' -- subject(s): Psychopharmacology, Psychometrics 'Le Test de frustration de Rosenzweig' -- subject(s): Rosenzweig picture-frustration test, Rosenzweig picture-frustration test. 'Psychological measurements in psychopharmocology' -- subject(s): Psychopharmacology… Full Answer

What has the author Joyce A Bockar written?

Joyce A. Bockar has written: 'Primer for the nonmedical psychotherapist' -- subject(s): Chemotherapy, Diagnosis, Drug abuse, Psychological manifestations of general diseases, Psychopharmacology, Psychoses 'Primer for the psychotherapist' -- subject(s): Diagnosis, Drug abuse, Drug therapy, Mental Disorders, Mental illness, Psychological manifestations… Full Answer