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What is the Garuda in Indonesia?

Garuda is a mythical bird in Hindu/Indian mythology. Indonesia's coat of arm, the Garuda Pancasila, is a garuda bird with a shield that depicts 5 values of Pancasila. Moreover, the flagship carrier of Indonesia is named Garuda Indonesia. Full Answer

What does Ansett Qantas and Garuda mean?

Qantas is Australia's largest airline flying both domestically and internationally. Garuda Indonesia is the flag carrier and largest airline of Indonesia flying both domestically and internationally. Ansett Australia was Australia's second largest airline until its collapes in 2001. It held… Full Answer

Is Garuda Indonesia comfy?

Garuda Indonesia has been awarded the most improved airline in 2010 by Skytrax consultancy for its rapid transformation from a much despised and avoided airline to Asia's new rising airline with superb onboard service. If anyone said to you that… Full Answer

What does Garuda mean?

Garuda is the son of the great sage Kashyap and Vinita. Garuda was an eagle like bird with great intelligence, power and valour. Garuda was granted a boon as to be the carrier (vahan) of Lord Vishnu himself. Garud means… Full Answer