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What is the scientific name for Ferns?

field horsetails=Equisetum arvense / princess pine=Lycopodium obscurumlace frond grapefern=Botrychium dissectumrattlesnake fern=Botrychium virginianumroyal fern=Osmunda regalis / cinnamon fern=Osmunda cinnamomeasensitive fern=Onoclea sensibilis / lady fern=Athyrium filix-feminabracken fern=Pteridium aquilinumbroad beech fern=Thelypteris hexagonopteranew york fern=Thelypteris noveboracensis / marsh fern=Thelypteris palustrisfancy fern - intermediate wood… Full Answer

What is the most popular plant in US?

I think that BRACKEN FERN - Pteridium is the worlds most common plant. Although it could be a type of seagrass, which are flowering plants. Or Phragmites australis which is sometimes indigenous and sometimes a weed. The worlds most common… Full Answer