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Who was Cleopatra II?

There is no Cleopatra II. There was only one Cleopatra, at least in this category. However there was a Cleopatra II who was the wife of two Ptolemies, Ptolemy VI and Ptolemy VIII. For a time she ruled Egypt alone… Full Answer

How many Cleopatra's is there?

Ptolemaic rulers and consorts: Ptolemy V of Egypt Epiphanes and Cleopatra I of Egypt Ptolemy VI of Egypt Philometor and Cleopatra II of Egypt Ptolemy VIII of Egypt and Cleopatra III of Egypt Euergetes (Kokke) Ptolemy IX of Egypt Philometor… Full Answer

Who is Pharaoh's mother?

Pharaoh is a general term used for the rulers of Ancient Egypt - there were many, many pharaohs - with different mothers. Some notable pharaohs who were also mothers of pharaohs are: - Hatshepsut, Pharaoh from 1479-1458 BC, mother of… Full Answer

Did Cleopatra kill ptolemyVIII?

Ptolemy VIII Physcon lived 182-116 BCE. He was a king of Egypt and a husband to Cleopatra II (not the most famous one, who was Cleopatra VII). Someone tried to assassinate Ptolemy VIII, but the plan failed. The king died… Full Answer

Was ptolemy Roman?

Was he born in Rome? No, he was probably born in Egypt. However, at that time Egypt was part of the Roman Empire (as was everything from Egypt to Greece to Italy to Germany to England). He died in Alexandria… Full Answer