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What is pulla in English?

For this finnish dessert bread, there is no direct counterpart in english, therefore it's basically pulla. However there are words close enough you can use such as baked roll, bun or plain coffeebread. Full Answer

Why does pulla bread not contain butter?

Many types of bread do not contain butter or other types of fat. Different types of bread are distinctive because they are made with different ingredients and different methods. However, typical recipes for Pulla Bread do, in fact, contain butter… Full Answer

What is a Toga virilise?

The toga virilis was the standard unadorned toga that a Roman man wore when he officially became an adult. There were several types of toga, each used for different purposes and each connoting a different status. Some of the other… Full Answer

Who wore purple striped togas?

The toga with horizontal purple stripes was the trabea. There was a purple and saffron stripe trabea was worn by the augurs, the priests who performed augury (divination of the omens of the gods). There was a purple and white… Full Answer