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What are the names of the plants in Plants vs Zombies?

There is a total of 49 plants: peashooter sunflower cherry bomb wall-nut potato mine snow pea chomper repeater puff-shroom sun-shroom fume-shroom gravebuster hypno-shroom scardy-shroom ice-shroom doom-shroom lily pad tangle kelp threepeater torchwood jalapeño spikeweed tall-nut squash sea-shroom magnet-shroom cactus plantern… Full Answer

What are the names of plants in plants vs zombie?

Guns: Peashooter, Repeater, Threepeater, Snow Pea, Split Pea, Blover, Star Fruit, Cactus. Use-Once: Cherry bomb, Squash, Potato Mine, Jalapeno. Others: SpikeWeed, Garlic, Coffee Bean, Chomper, Plantern, Torchwood, Sunflower, Marigold. Protection: Walnut, Tallnut, Umbrella Leaf, Pumpkin. Pool-Plants: Lily Pad, Tangle Kelp… Full Answer

What are the 49 plants in pvz?

the 49 plants are (from world 1-5) is: ____________________________________________________ World 1 - peashooter -sunflower -cherry bomb -walnut - potato mine or the squash -chomper -snow pea - repeater _______________________________________________________World 2 -puff-shrooms -sun-shroom -fume shroom -gravebusters -hypnoshrooms - scaredy shrooms -ice… Full Answer

What are all the plants in Plants vs Zombies?

Here's a list of all the plants unlocked by levels: 1.Peashooter 2.Sunflower 3.Cherry Bomb 4.Wall-nut 5.Potato Mine 6.Snow Pea 7.Chomper 8.Repeater 9.Puff-shroom 10.Sun-shroom 11.Fume-shroom 12.Grave Buster 13.Hypno-shroom 14.Scaredy-shroom 15.Ice-shroom 16.Doomshroom 17.Lily Pad 18.Sqaush 19.Threepeater 20.Tangle Kelp 21.Jalapeno 22.Spikeweed 23.Torchwood 24.Tall-nut… Full Answer

Which organ purifies blood?

Three organs purify blood: The liver is the main detoxification organ. Liver cells produce many enzymes which are capable of inactivating a wide range of substances which would otherwise be toxic to the body. The kidneys act as a filter… Full Answer

What types of towers are on the game bloons tower defense 4?

Dart Monkey/Spike-O-Pult Tack Shooter/Blade Shooter/Fire Ring Boomerang Thrower/Glaive Thrower/Lightsabre Thrower Bomb Tower/Missile Launcher/MOAB Mauler Ice Tower Mortar Tower/Mortar Battery Glue Gunner Monkey Beacon/Monkey Storm Monkey Ace/Dart Storm Monkey Buccaneer/Battleship Monkey Apprentice/Monkey Sorceror/Monkey Mage/Monkey Archmage/Monkey Wizard Super Monkey/Sun God Banana Farm/Banana… Full Answer