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What are the 49 plants in pvz?

the 49 plants are (from world 1-5) is: ____________________________________________________ World 1 - peashooter -sunflower -cherry bomb -walnut - potato mine or the squash -chomper -snow pea - repeater _______________________________________________________World 2 -puff-shrooms -sun-shroom -fume shroom -gravebusters -hypnoshrooms - scaredy shrooms -ice… Full Answer

What is the cheats of Plants vs Zombies?

For starters, you can type in future and get some zombie costumes or trickedout for lawn mower costumes First, Choose sunflower, melon-pult, winter melon, Tall-nut, Imatator tall-nut, jalapeno, squash, flower pot, and twin sunflower (if Nesessary). Roof Cleaners Are Strongly… Full Answer