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Why do puris float on oil?

At first when you put the puri in hot oil, it sinks but after it has cooked the air bubbles trapped in the puri flour cause the puri to expand and thus make it lighter. Full Answer

What do rich people in India eat?

Rich people in India eat very elaborate meals, consisting of many dishes, and often high in fat and sugar. Many deep fried dishes make up the diets of rich Indians, including puris, samosas, pakoras and sweet jalebis. While many Indians… Full Answer

What is the food they eat in Mauritius?

In Mauritius they eat a variety of foods since it is a multicultural island. If ever you have studied it's history, you will see that in Mauritius, there are people from many countries of the world: India, China, Africa and… Full Answer

What words can you make with suprise?

Suprise has three anagrams: pussier, suspire, uprises. There are also 107 other words that can be formed using these letters. er, es, is, pe, pi, re, si, up, us ers, ess, ire, per, pes, pie, pis, piu, psi, pur, pus… Full Answer

What are some good Indian foods?

There are many good Indian foods. It all depends on what type you want. South Indian food is much more spicy than North Indian food. Some of my favorites are biryani, which is chicken and rice with spicy masalas and… Full Answer

What is the tradition food of uthar pradesh?

A formal vegetarian meal of Uttar Pradesh consists of chapatis, rotis (flatbread) and/or puris (deep fried puffed flatbreads), daal (thick lentil soup), rice (boiled white rice), vegetable curries (one or more of dry/fried and semi-liquid curries each), curd, pickles, papad… Full Answer

What is a five letter word ending in ls?

abris aegis allis antis aphis apsis arris arsis aspis auris basis benis breis cadis camis cedis chais cutis dalis daris defis delis divis epris etuis fenis finis fujis gadis giris gleis hafis hajis helis hokis iiwis impis intis jaris kadis… Full Answer