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Where is ammonia found in?

In the nature ammonia (NH3) is found in gases emitted from volcanoes or in the earth atmosphere (resulting from the putrefaction of organic materials or as an industrial pollutant); the concentrations are very small. Full Answer

Does an infarct putrefy?

Generally no, unless blood supply is returned to the area or a supporating bacteria somehow invades the area. One of the more common locations for an infarct is in the kidneys, and the usual chronic result is fibrosis, not putrefaction. Full Answer

What did Anubis represent?

Anubis has been representative of many different items, but all of them are involved with death. He was originally the putrefaction god. The he became a god of protection against robbers stealing from the dead. Some embalmers have looked to… Full Answer

What is gangrenous?

Gangrenous is the adjective from of gangrene. Gangrene is defined according to as "necrosis or death of soft tissue due to obstructed circulation, usually followed by decomposition and putrefaction". It basically means that lack of blood to a specific… Full Answer