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What has the author Paul Vigoureux written?

Paul Vigoureux has written: 'Quartz resonators and oscillators' -- subject(s): Crystal Oscillators, Electric resonators, Quartz crystals 'Quartz vibrators and their applications' 'Units and standards for electromagnetism' -- subject(s): Electromagnetism, Units, Units of measurement 'Quartz oscillators and their applications' -- subject(s)… Full Answer

What is a liong word that end with y?

Interestingly, there are no words above 15 letters ending in 'y'. But at 15 letters, there are almost 500. If you remove, as I did, all the ones ending in 'ly', you are left with 159: agglutinability allotetraploidy antipornography antirationality… Full Answer

Could you have a list of words ending in -city?

words ending with city: aeroelasticity allergenicity analyticity anelasticity anthropocentricity anticity antigenicity aperiodicity apostolicity aromaticity atrocity audacity authenticity automaticity basicity bioelectricity caducity canonicity capacity carcinogenicity catholicity causticity centricity chromaticity chronicity city clonicity complicity concentricity conicity cubicity cyclicity cytopathogenicity cytotoxicity domesticity duplicity… Full Answer

What are some words end with the suffix -ity?

abnormality absorbability absorptivity absurdity acceptability accessibility acclivity accountability acerbity acidity acridity actability activity actuality acuity adaptability adaptivity additivity addressability adiposity adjustability admirability admissibility adoptability adorability adversity advisability aeroelasticity affability affectivity affinity affordability agility agreeability alacrity algidity alienability alkalinity allergenicity alterability… Full Answer