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What is Quantitative trait loci?

Inheritance of quantitative traits or polygenic inheritance refers to the inheritance of a phenotypic characteristic that varies in degree and can be attributed to the interactions between two or more genes and their environment. Though not necessarily genes themselves, quantitative… Full Answer

What is a hetrozygous geneotype?

Individuals that have two different alleles at a gene locus are said to be heterozygous. This means that each gene locus for a trait on paired chromosomes is different. For example: If allele B (not black) is on one chromosome… Full Answer

What is polygenic effect?

A polygenic effect refers to the effect of two or more genes on a single characteristic. These genes, however, only produce a small quantitative effect on a trait. Full Answer

Define Locus of control?

If you feel that you have control over your life, you have an internal locus of control. If, on the other hand, you feel that you are at the whims of fate, you have an external locus of control. Full Answer