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What is quantum technology?

Quantum applied science is a young discipline of physics and technology, which transitions, some of the stranger characteristics of quantum mechanics, especially quantum entanglement and most recently quantum tunneling, into virtual applications such as quantum computing, quantum coding, quantum simulation… Full Answer

Teleportation in a sentence?

Quantum teleportation, or entanglement-assisted teleportation, is a technique used to transfer information on a quantum level, usually from one particle (or series of particles) to another particle (or series of particles) in another location via quantum entanglement. - Full Answer

What is quantum entanglement?

Quantum entaglement is the phenomenon where two subatomic particles interact, and then separate. That interaction is such that the two particles are correlated and share a single quantum state. A quantum state is a series of values that represent that… Full Answer

What is the basic principle of quantum physics?

The basic principle of Quantum Physics is uncertainty. This is at the core of the Uncertainty Principle, Superposition of States, and Quantum Tunneling and Entanglement. Energy can occur only in discrete levels. This 'quantization' is determined by plank's constant 6.626068… Full Answer