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What are quelea birds?

Q. quelea, or Red billed quelea are one species of the African weaverbird. Traveling in huge flocks, in years when rainfall is good and cereal crops do well, they are voracious crop pests, descending on fields in flocks of millions… Full Answer

What are Q words that end with a?

quota, qabala, quagga, qualia, quanta, quelea, quinoa, quokka, quotha, quassia, querida, quinela, quinina, qindarka, quadriga, quillaia, quillaja, quinella, quiniela, quadrennia, quesadilla, quinquennia Full Answer

Which birds start with the letter r?

roadrunner rooster raven red -billed quelea robin rainbow lorikeet redbilled oxpecker red hooded duck red-tailed hawk rockhopper penguin ruby-throated hummingbird rhode island red (farm chicken) Full Answer