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How do you say quick in Hawaiian?

wiki wiki Wiki is the Hawaiian word for quick. Wiki wiki means "quick quick". Wiki wiki wiki means "quick quick quick" and so on. Yes, it does sound like a combination of wikipedia and a rapper.

What part of speech is quick?

He is a quick learner, "quick" is an adjective describing the noun "learner", but in His mean response cut me to the quick, "quick" is used as a noun. In the sentence Quick! Quick! You'll miss the faceoff! the imperative… Full Answer

What is quick play?

well Quick Play means that you play real quick for example I wanted to play quick play i think thats what it means

Is quick lime an acid?

Quick lime is a base. It reacts vigourously with water (hence the term "quick" living, as "quick and the dead") CaO + H2O -> CaOH + OH-