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What are dye vats called?

generally vat and sulphur dye principles are same. indigo, thioindigo, quinone groups related dye are vat dye. specially vat dye carry ketone linkage.quinone vat dye are usually either anthraquinone derivatives or polycyclic quinone. Full Answer

How is H2O2 made?

Industrially it's mainly made using a quinone, the structure of which I'm not going to attempt to draw or explain here. See the Wikipedia article in the related links section for more information. Full Answer

What is anti-hapten antibody?

A hapten is a small molecule that can elicit an immune response only when conjugated with a large carrier such as a protein. Typical haptens include drugs, urushiol, quinone, steroids, etc. This is what I read on Creative Biolabs. Full Answer

What is meant by quinoid group?

Quinoid comes from the compound quinone: ( the -oid suffix means: 'looks like' or 'derived from') A quinone is a class of organic compounds that are formally derived from aromatic compounds (such as benzene or naphthalene) by exchanging two --CH=… Full Answer

Why is carbon black in colour?

Carbon and graphite is highly extended fused benzene rings terminated with quinone groups and phenol groups. This allows the pi electrons to delocalize over large areas. This delocalization collapses the molecular orbitals to a point that they absorb all light… Full Answer

What invention starts with a Q?

the qauntam theory it wasn't realy an invention but helped develop lazer and stuff like that Q-Tip Q-tip, quiver, quilt, Q-ship, quadruplex, quaich, quarterstaff, quartz clock, quartz lamp, quartz watch, quay, queen of puddings, queen post, quenelle, quern, quiche, quiche… Full Answer

Is there a vitamin B16?

The term Vitamin B16 is not used by the scientific community. Pyrroloquinoline quinone, a substance that may have vitamin properties but has not yet been extensively researched, is sometimes referred to as vitamin B16 by healthcare providers offering alternative treatment… Full Answer