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How is milk treated with Rbst dangerous?

rBST is an artificial hormone that can be used to treat dairy cows to increase milk production.Injection with rBST also increases production of another hormone (IGF-1) that is present in both cows and humans. Too much of IGF-1 has been… Full Answer

Who makes rBGH?

rBGH, or recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone is a synthetic form of growth hormone injected into cows to increase growth rates and milk production. Manufactured by Monsanto, rBGH was introduced to the market in 1993 under the product name Posilac. rBGH… Full Answer

How do cows grow udders?

A cow would already have an udder since she is a mature female bovine, so it's impossible for a cow to grow an udder.That said, however, a bovine must be female in order to be able to grow or develop… Full Answer

Is milk bad for you?

Yes, there are numerous illnesses and conditions associated with dairy consumption. Click on the links below for further information. Your bones can become too weak, you can have a bone cancer, whatever, it's not good because milk helps bones grow… Full Answer