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Definition of marshy land?

a tract of soft wet land, commonly covered partially or wholly with water; a fen; a swamp; a morass. and there has another opinion that says---a plant (nartheeium ossifragum) with linear equitant leaves, and a raceme of small white flowers… Full Answer

What rhymes with redeem?

agleam, airstream, beam, beseem, blaspheme, bloodstream, bream, cream, creme, crossbeam, daydream, deem, downstream, dream, esteem, extreme, gleam, inseam, mainstream, midstream, millstream, moonbeam, morpheme, phoneme, pipedream, raceme, ream, redeem, regime, scheme, seam, seem, steam, stream, sunbeam, supreme, team, teem, theme, upstream Full Answer

What cymose and racemose?

Racemose: in racemose inflorescence the peduncle continues to grow until last flower is formed at its tip. The older floer are towards the base and the younger ones towards the apex. In certain cases peduncle may be flattend and older… Full Answer